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The 4th Trimester - Helping moms strive not just survive!

In the weeks following childbirth, mothers must adapt to plunging hormones, recover from birth and learn how to feed and care for a new infant. In the middle of all these challenges, moms receive minimal support from the healthcare system. Specialist Postpartum visits to a healthcare provider are typically scheduled four to six weeks after birth, leaving moms to cope on their own for more than a month While new parents prepare in many ways for the baby they are about to meet, they often find themselves feeling surprised by how disorienting and overwhelming caring for a newborn actually is. Although there is certainly joy, the first few months can feel fragmented, unbearably exhausting—and the relentless needs of a newborn can make...

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Pregnancy & Food : why it's important to choose the Foods to enjoy during pregnancy

During pregnancy, Nutrition is more important than ever! Do you know how much what you choose to eat really affects your baby? Can the various foods you eat every day make their way into your bloodstream to ultimately affect your unborn baby? The answer is a resounding yes, and the implications to your and your baby’s health and wellness can be downright dangerous. To support a healthy pregnancy and your baby's development, you need to be mindful of what you include in your diet! 

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