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Packing for the hospital is a big task, but make sure you don't forget the essentials! We have our top 7 items that are worth not forgetting!

You probably have a list of things you want to pack for the hospital, and it's easy to forget something! To help you remember all the important things to bring with you, we've highlighted our top 7 items below. Don't leave home without these essentials!

  • Your own pillow: Hospital pillows are thin and often smelling strongly of hospital-y smells. Pack your favorite fluffy pillow from home to make your stay more comfortable.

  • A Perry bottle: Even though most hospitals provide water bottles now, some still don’t or offer them at an extra price for visitors/patients which can add up quickly depending on how long one is there! Bringing in a reusable water bottle can help save the environment at the same time as saving money so everyone wins here!!

  • Snacks : the last thing you want while delivering your baby is to have to eat something you don't like! packing some foods and snacks you like will def put you in a good mood after being exhausted during labour.

  • Comfortable clothes : Packing a comfortable robe can make the whole experience a lot better! not only does it look a lot better than hospital gowns it also makes it easier to breastfeed your newborn as well as to do skin-to-skin, while keeping you and baby warm. it is also important to think about your underwear. choosing a good comfortable underwear will make you feel good about yourself for sure! 

    We recommend checking out The Yummy Mama Kit that includes all the above mentioned mama items you need in your hospital bag!

  • Travel size toiletries: these can be the same ones you will use on your baby, just make sure you choose something that is natural, soft on the skin and doesn't have any artificial fragrances, so you don't irritate your new born's delicate skin or your own. Check out our Timi&Mila Mini Baby Bundle for all you need for the hospital bag. You will also need a Nipple Balm to avoid any issues if you want to breastfeed your baby. out Timi&Mila Nipple Balm also doubles as a lip and hand balm as well, which will be very handy in the dry hospital environment.

  • Your baby's going home outfit: Packing a super cute outfit for baby will make their first outfit picture special! but make sure to pack a few other things for the few days you will spend st the hospital before going home.

  • A camera: To document baby's big arrival and first few days together as a family, don't forget to pack a camera! Be sure that it is fully charged before heading out though so that way there isn’t any scrambling when it comes time for pictures!