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What Mom Really Wants for Valentine’s Day - 5 Things to do for the Mother of your Children this Valentine’s Day!

They Say Romance dies after having your first child – I believe that’s not true!

Romantic Gestures def change and may not look the same as before, but they are definitely a must after having children!

Most of the moms I know don’t want roses or diamonds for Valentine’s Day.

Roses are insanely expensive, cliche and they die in a week.
Diamonds? A lady can never have too many diamonds and although they will never hurt, lets just be real here for a moment, how many moms do you see decked out in diamonds while doing school drop off or running to an 8:00 am meeting?

In my experience, as a mom and friend of many moms, what we want for Valentines Day are meaningful experiences that make our lives easier and enhance our relationships with the people we love.

So, this Valentines Day, if you really want to make the mom in your life happy, take some time to think about how you could reduce Moms daily to do list, provide some well-deserved pampering and make her feel special and acknowledged.

#1 A Nice Clean House

If your house is in a continuous state of chaos and disorder and it drives your mom/wife mad consider hiring a professional cleaning service for a day.

Or, for a more cost-effective option, rally the kids and do a top to bottom clean by yourselves. This will leave mom feeling calm and happy, but most importantly with a few less items on her to do list that she constantly worries about.

#2 A relaxing Spa Experience

As a mom, especially as a new mom, your personal hygiene and self-care can take a back seat to any number of things…your kids, pets, career, partner, eating, sleeping, Netflix…

Before I had a child I washed my hair and went through my skincare routine nightly, now I’m happy with once, maybe twice a week. So, if you want to make your mom feel special and well cared for consider booking her for a spa service like a manicure or pedicure, where she soaks her feet and doesn’t have to think of anything!

To make her feel extra special and if you wanna go the extra mile – do it yourself!

With a Timi&Mila Mamma Bundle you won’t go wrong! Get her a Mamma Bundle and make her feel special in her own comfort zone! (even more so with all the virus scares going on these days – we don’t want to take any risks).
Fill the tub with warm water and sprinkle in a scoop of The Timi&Mila Sitz Bath that will have her feeling relaxed the moment she walks in the bathroom. To add a little extra luxury light up a candle and dim the lights to make her feel 100% again.

#3 A Massage

Who doesn’t love a great rub? When was the last time you gave her one? When she was pregnant is our guess!
Booking her a massage won’t only make her feel refreshed it will also give her a break from only being touched by the baby. Take the baby for an hour and drop her off at the massage therapist and watch her come out feeling like a whole new person.
For a more intimate experience – that’s what I’d really want – have someone watch the baby and kids for a bit and set the room up to look like a spa with some nice bed sheets and a good clean scented candle. With a good oil, lotion, or massage gel (the Timi&Mila Belly Rescue Roller) give her a nice massage! This way she will feel pampered and you’ll share this relaxing intimate time together too.
The Timi&Mila Belly Rescue Roller would be great for an event like this! It has all the components that help with skin after birth and the plus side is it’s already in a roller so you automatically massage it on her skin as you go!

#4 Breakfast in Bed – or a Snack after a nap.

We all know how hungry mamas get while being pregnant or after having the baby.  Breakfast in bed is the ultimate act of love you can show the mamas in your life.
This demonstrates how much you tried – hey you cooked or went to the store just for her! It shows you appreciate how much she has been doing and acknowledge she needs a break and some pampering time. And this way you also give her a break from having to prepare breakfast for everyone for a day! Even if it’s just a piece of chocolate and a cup of her fav drink on the table before she wakes up, along with a nice little note, her heart (and tummy) would feel happy and full.

#5 A heart warming gift

There is nothing more special than a handmade gift from your kids. Go for a handmade macaroni necklace and a tissue paper bouquet. Dad, knowing that you managed the entire craft will touch your ladies heart and bode well for you on Valentines! Every mom loves keepsakes from her little ones hands. Now for your Gift to her.
It’s the thought that counts – by that we mean the thought behind the gift
For a gift to be amazing it needs to answer a few questions :  

  • What stage are we in in life?
  • What would this gift represent?
  • Will it make her cry?

Going through these questions will help you figure out the perfect gift for her.
But in general we find that a gift like The Timi&Mila Mama Bundle does the trick every time!

Why you ask? Simple; it checks all the points mentioned above!

It gives mama the gift of relaxation and self care and alone time, it gives dad a chance to pamper the new mama, it shows that you care and really thought about where you are in life now and makes her feel that you are invested in this new stage of life as she is, and best of all it clearly says I love you, you matter and I care!