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Considering Green Skin Care? – 5 Reasons why natural & organic skin care is better for you!

“Aren’t you going to take that?” That’s what the nurse said to me when I was leaving the hospital after Mila was born. She was referring to the “gift box” all new parents get, filled with samples and “essential baby products.”  I’m all for free stuff, but when I took a look at the products in more details, my answer was “NO, thank you!” The products were all filled with chemicals and harmful ingredients.
It wasn’t the nurses fault; she was offering a new mom help (which is always appreciated!) and I had to remind myself that the go-to for most people is to purchase “cheap and/or convenient” products. I am proud to belong to a small group of individuals and families who actively try and make sustainable choices, but I will admit, it can be challenging and expensive! In that moment though, I was shocked that our hospitals - a beacon of health - was recommending these products for my new baby.

Our skin is our largest organ and is linked to our positive long-term health in many ways, so it’s important to consider what we put on it, and what we expose it to. Protecting your skin with minerals, or nourishing it with natural methods of hydration, are key to keeping it healthy long-term. But why is natural or “green” skincare so important?

#1. Its Better for the Environment
“Non-green products” are often treated with, or made from, synthetic materials, chemical, and other harsh ingredients. Most of these ingredient's manufacturing include very harsh methods, which produce a great deal of pollution and ultimately leaves a negative carbon footprint on the environment. The companies who produce these products usually don’t have an all-natural ethos either. 
“Green companies” however, are committed to producing their products in the most sustainable way, using natural and/or organic ingredients, and making sure that the environment and local ecosystems are protected throughout their entire process. 

#2. Toxic Buildup
The reality is that what we put in, and on our bodies, affects our bodies forever. Over time, toxins from the products we use build up because our bodies don’t know how to absorb and digest these foreign ingredients, so they continue to collect in our bodies rather than being flushed out.
The world is full of chemicals and toxins that our babies will be exposed to and we can’t protect them from everything; this makes it more important to very carefully choose what we do apply on their skin, because our little ones bodies can handle a little bit of chemical exposure when it is strong but having too much toxic and chemical buildup will be very hard to handle.
Some of the Diseases associated recently with chemical buildup include Kidney disease, Infertility, Cancer, Auto Immune diseases, Blindness. 

#3. Green Beauty is never tested on Animals
You might be amazed by the amount of large skincare manufacturing facilities who still
test their products on animals.
The good news here is that natural skin care manufacturers skip animal testing all together and do nothing to harm any other living beings in general.

#4. Beneficial Ingredients
The best way to highlight the benefits of natural skincare is to talk about their ingredients. There is a huge difference between what is in synthetic products and ingredients found in natural skincare.
When you look at the ingredient label on a synthetic product, you’ll see words such as Triclosan, PEG, Dye #4, and Petrolatum. These ingredients are man-made in labs, and can be very harmful, even if they still perform what they claim.
On the other hand, natural products are filled with ingredients that are and sound familiar. Ingredients such as Shea butter, Coconut and Olive oil, Lavender, Calendula flower and many more are not just beneficial but also do not have any harmful side effects.
Harsh chemical ingredients can equal harsh reactions to your skin and body. Clear and Simple!

#5. An Anxiety-Free Experience
We live in a time where there is a controversy surrounding everything. But something that definitely does not carry any doubt, is that natural ingredients do no harm!
Choosing green beauty removes all anxiety from buying something that would have the potential of harming our little ones. And as parents, we can breathe easier knowing we are offering our babies the best chance at a healthier life.
And that is why we created Timi&Mila's 100% clean and natural products! the ease of mind that comes with understanding what we put on our little ones skin was something we really needed to have! And I'm pretty sure all other parent's would agree to that!