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Frost bites and Chill - Taking Care of you Baby’s Skin During the Winter

As we step into Winter, a season of frost, we need to remember that the affects are inside our homes too. A baby’s skin undergoes constant change, especially in our harsh Canadian winters. So caring for your Childs skin at the early times of seasonal changes is especially important! As a mama of 2 girls with very sensitive skin, here’s an early Christas gift - some easy-to-follow tips on taking care of babies skin during Winter.

1. Sun protection
You might think that in Winter times we don't need sun protection - but you'd be surprised!
Winter sun is even harsher on the skin due to the dryness that the skin encounters! with dry skin UVA and UVB can penetrate easier and thus cause even more harm on the areas exposed! 
As most parents will learn, babies under 6 months should avoid sunscreen if possible. Because of this, keeping your baby away from direct sun ray exposure is step one. But this isn’t always realistic. If you’re outdoors a lot, make sure your baby is covered under a stroller with a sunshade, or is under an umbrella of some sort.
If you have to be in the sun for longer periods of time, and the above mentioned methods of protection are not realistic for you, consult your pediatrician/dermatologist and only apply sunscreen to the areas that are exposed, like the face. Using all-natural sunscreens that do not cause harmful side effects to your babies is key!

2. Moisturizing
We’re all about moisturizing in my house! It is so important that your baby’s skin is hydrated and nourished from the start! Their skin can so easily become dry, rough, and irritated, and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen. Aside from hydration (giving your little ones lots of water when they are of age), remember to keep a light lotion or a fast-absorbing butter on hand and massage it on your baby’s skin as often as you can to keep it from drying out. Our Rescue Balm is a staple in all of my purses, diaper bags, and the car, we always apply it on the cheeks and face before we leave the house! But our Timi & Mila Baby Lotion is what we begin and end our day with. Especially after a bath, it’s so important to rehydrate your child’s skin and always keep it moisturized.

3. Regular Diaper Changes
This one seems obvious but the frosty dry Winter weather can cause havoc on your child’s skin. As soon as we see early signs of cold, we go for heavier clothes and winter gear…that means SWEAT! We all know that sweat and moisture in the diaper area can lead to diaper rashes, so regular diaper changes and using a diaper cream is key to preventing long-term irritation and rashes. Our Timi & Mila Baby Bum Balm is the perfect, all-natural solution, but being in a regular diaper changing routine is ever more important. Try to change your child’s diaper as often as you can, preferably cleaning them with running luke-warm tap water and patting them dry instead of using baby wipes as it can irritate the skin. Let the diaper area air out for a couple of minutes if possible to remove excess moisture from those cute little baby folds. Remember, prevention is your number one ally! 

4. Skip the long bath times
I know how much the kiddos love to splash around in a warm bath after a long cold day. But long exposure to hot water and soap can cause the skin to dry out faster after that. Try to not give your little ones a bath every single night and on bath days always always remember to apply a good moisturizing balm after, like our Timi & Mila Rescue Balm.
Another tip is using an all natural Body wash and Shampoo. This way you also get the benefits of the good moisturizing and healing ingredients and non of the gunk that comes with using traditional soap.