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Choosing the Best Baby Shower Gift!

Cute babies and their parents deserve nothing less than the cutest gifts, and what could be better than giving mom something organic and beautiful for the baby shower? Most new moms know the world we live in can be unfriendly to a delicate new arrival, so baby shower gifts that offer an anxiety-free experience are ideal. If you’re looking for that perfect something to bring to a shower, here’s how to choose the best gifts for the occasion.

Check for a Wish List

Lots of expectant couples open an account with a registry, or post their wish list on their social media profiles. The best way to ensure you’re giving mom exactly what she wants is to find out if there’s a list somewhere you can consult. If there’s no list available, ask the people closest to the new mom if they know what she needs. Often, a family member or friend is the one arranging the baby shower, and she or he might know the answer. If a registry list is set up, you might be able to buy items directly from the company holding the list.

Consider the Season

When you buy baby shower gifts, consider the time of year the baby is due to arrive. Babies born in winter will need warm, snuggly clothes for their first few months, but they’re certain to outgrow these by the following year. Combine winter clothing with a container of baby butter made from rich cocoa butter, healing olive oil and calendula herb, and vitamin E oil in a beeswax base.

It’s quite acceptable to include a few things for the upcoming summer, too. Just make sure you buy for the baby’s age at that time. Having suitable clothing stashed away will help mom when baby hits 6 months and she doesn’t have time to go shopping! Throw in a bottle of baby bug repellent to keep both mom and baby safe from pesky insects. Baby bug repellent that is organic and made from natural products is best for a new baby’s skin, and the new mom will love it too. They’ll thank you later, you can be sure of that.

Get Creative

No-one wants to turn up at a baby shower with just another “same old same old” gift. Get creative by looking for unique baby shower gifts that will make a great impression on the parents. Baby books, music and DVDs can provide education and entertainment for a long time to come. Picture frames and keepsakes make great reminders for the parents to record every stage of babyhood, and good quality baby jewelry can be saved until the child is old enough to enjoy it. Organic and natural ingredient based baby skincare products such as baby bum balm, and baby bug repellent show a personal caring touch.

Wrap these types of long-term gifts with something the baby can make use of now, like baby bum balm. There’s nothing that soothes a baby bum rash—and mom’s nerves—better than a pure, deliciously-scented bum balm. Made with mineral ingredients like non-nano zinc oxide and bentonite clay, cod liver oil, lavender essential oil and vitamin E oil, a balm that keeps baby dry and comfy is one of the best baby shower gifts you can give to new parents.

The best baby shower gifts are the ones new parents don’t even know they need. While everyone else is buying the obvious packages of diapers and onesies, why not consider a Gift Set from Timi&Mila.