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All About Nipple Creams

I'm sorry, my nipples will do what?!?

All About Nipple Creams

Yay, you’re pregnant! Everyone is ecstatic, you’re shopping for baby clothes, everything sounds wonderful, anddddd you feel like sh*t. Growing and carrying a small human inside of you is no joke, and your body makes some crazy sacrifices. Including your breasts! Everyone tells you about the joys of pregnancy and fail to tell you about the brutal parts. So what really happens to your breasts during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or pumping? THEY FEEL LIKE THEY’RE DYING. Breastfeeding and pumping, as “natural and easy” as it may sound, is hard AF. Your breasts will ache from being engorged and your nipples will hurt, crack, and sometimes even bleed! On top of caring for a small human, you also need to take care of YOU!

How do we make you feel a little better? We start early! As an expecting mom, your body, and your breasts, change a lot. Your skin is stretching in every direction and now more than ever, moisturization and hydration are key! Say it with me. “MOISTURIZATION AND HYDRATION ARE KEY!” Good job. Your nipples specifically, will go through a lot of change and need more moisturizing than you think. Expect your areola to get darker, bigger, and very sensitive! They'll be irritated and itchy all day unless you hydrate them! Choosing a nipple cream with ingredients such as vitamin E, cocoa butter and calendula are paramount when nourishing your skin. They work together like the Avengers to combat your dry, irritated skin and help to improve elasticity. So start as soon as that pregnancy test shows ‘positive!” Applying these creams on your breasts twice daily throughout your pregnancy, and while breastfeeding or pumping, is a necessity, and a game changer!

The importance of choosing an all-natural product is crucial here. If you are breastfeeding or pumping, your baby is consuming whatever is on your breasts, one way or another. Our Timi & Mila Nipple Balm contains the all-natural ingredients that are both good for your breasts, and also healthy for your baby to ingest!
Mamma’s, give it a try and let us know what you think!