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Frost bites and Chill - Taking Care of you Baby’s Skin During the Winter

As we step into Winter, a season of frost, we need to remember that the affects are inside our homes too. A baby’s skin undergoes constant change, especially in our harsh Canadian winters. So caring for your Childs skin at the early times of seasonal changes is especially important! As a mama of 2 girls with very sensitive skin, here’s an early Christas gift - some easy-to-follow tips on taking care of babies skin during Winter. 1. Sun protectionThis is EVERYTHING! You might think that in Winter times we don't need sun protection - but you'd be surprised!Winter sun is even harsher on the skin due to the dryness that the skin encounters! with dry skin UVA and UVB can penetrate easier and thus cause even more harm...

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Choosing the Best Baby Shower Gift!

Cute babies and their parents deserve nothing less than the cutest gifts, and what could be better than giving mom something organic and beautiful for the baby shower?  Invited to a baby shower? Here’s how to choose the best baby shower gifts for new parents.

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