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Why we chose The Covenant House

The Covenant House

One of our dreams and missions when starting Timi & Mila was to give back to young people.  After a ton of research, we’ve partnered up with a really incredible organization, who happens to be the largest agency in Canada serving youth who are homeless, trafficked, or at risk.  The Covenant House is inclusive, intentional and impactful; that's one of many reasons why we love them.  As a leader in their sector, they advocate so that all youth can have lives free from homelessness and trafficking.Want to hear some numbers?

Every day, youth across Canada struggle with homelessness and sex trafficking.
As many as 40,000 young people in Canada experience homelessness every year
Over 50 per cent of homeless youth indicated that abuse at home contributed to their homelessness
17 years old is the average age for victims of sex trafficking
55 per cent of victims are recruited into sex trafficking by someone they knowTo us, that’s not ok!  Over the last decade, the youth they help are facing more complex challenges. In addition to abuse, neglect and family breakdown, more youth struggle with mental health challenges, cyber-bullying, loss of financial support, and finding affordable housing and meaningful jobs.

But there’s more to the story.

Homelessness or trafficking can happen to anyone! These youth are some of the most vulnerable and some of the most resilient. With the right opportunities, they can build a better future. The Covenant House Toronto is a massive part of that…Covenant House provides:

  • Awareness, prevention and early intervention, housing and after-care. 
  • A range of shelter and housing options to meet the needs of each young person.
  • Health and well-being services from health care to counseling, we meet youth where they’re at.
  • Education and employment: Job training, education and life skills programs that help young people transition to independence.
  • Serves 3,500 meals per week
  • Provides on-call 24-7 care and support!
  • Support to over 300 young people daily through their walk-in programs.

This is where we saw the perfect opportunity to give!  Residence space at The Covenant House is limited, so we really wanted to focus on the young people who were accessing drop-in resources and services.  Maintaining personal hygiene is just one of the many small ways we can help so we are donating some travel-sized Shampoo & Body Wash in time for Thanksgiving, and plan to donate Rescue Balms for the winter season to protect their skin!

In addition to donating product, 10% of proceeds from our Shampoo & Body Wash sales will also go to The Covenant house so please, please, PLEASE shop until Thanksgiving so we can donate those funds in time for the holidays. After Thanksgiving, 10% from our Rescue Balm will be donated until Christmas! 

Our Family has always believed in the concept of “we’re all in this together”, and that if we truly want a better future for our kids we need to make it happen! Be the change you want to see in the world; Give youth who are homeless, a warm bed, a hot meal, and a chance at a better future!  Donate NOW!