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The Dreaded Diaper Rash

What the heck is a Diaper Rash?!

There’s already so much going on in a babies diaper, but one of the most common issues is also the most dreaded…a diaper rash! Despite your preventative measures, this (almost) inevitable rash pops up when you least expect it.  A diaper rash is a type of inflammation (dermatitis) that looks like an area of bright red skin on your baby’s bum. It can be caused from wetness or bacteria being on the skin for too long (from a dirty diaper), chafing, or general skin sensitivity. Sometimes, it can manifest into small bumps as well. If this does occur, the trick is to be prepared. 

Step 1: Identifying early stages of a rash.
Keep an eye on your little one’s skin. If the skin seems unusually red or you see bumps or white spots, a rash may be developing. Your child’s mood is also a very good indicator. If you notice your baby is more irritable than usual, or feels uncomfortable while being changed or right after peeing, that is probably related to skin irritation. If your child is sick, on antibiotics, or a change in diet, look out for a diaper rash as these changes are all known to cause rashes or irritation.
Call your baby’s doctor if the rash is:
   •   Getting worse instead of getting better with treatments.
   •   Accompanied by a fever.
   •   Severe or unusual
   •   Bleeds, itches or oozes
   •   Causes burning or pain with urination or a bowel movement
   •   You notice signs of a yeast infection

Step 2: Treating @ the first sign of a rash!
Early detection is everything! If you start to treat a rash at it’s earliest stages, chances are you can have it cleared up in a couple of days. Most over-the-counter remedies contain steroids to clear up the rash, but these can be even more harmful for you baby’s skin. Instead, use an all-natural, fragrance/chemical-free diaper cream or balm on the affected areas. Zinc oxide is a natural mineral that helps soothe and nourish the skin at the same time. It’s the primary ingredient in our Timi & Mila Diaper Balm, and our Rescue Balm because of it’s healing properties. With clean hands, or an applicator, apply a rich amount of cream on your little one’s dry and clean skin before closing the diaper. Remember to apply the cream ~1 inch beyond the rash area to treat it effectively.

Preventative Measures:
1. Always wash your hands before and after you change your babies diaper.
2. Don’t leave your baby in a dirty diaper for too long. Try and change your baby’s wet diapers every 1-2 hours, and immediately if it’s a poopy one!
3. Use water-based wipes that are chemical and fragrance-free!
4. When drying your baby, pat the area instead of wiping with a towel. If possible, let your baby bottom air dry for a few minutes before putting a diaper on again.
5. Don’t use too much soap! Clean your baby with warm running water and minimize soap use for those explosions! Even then, use a very soft/mild soap to avoid irritating the skin.

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